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Hopefully, you don't have a professional burglar working your neighborhood, but the understand majority burglaries are reported as a daylight crime. The key concept is that criminals pick the easiest target. Your objective is not to be that target. The following home security tips can help increase the chances your family will not be a victim.



Home Security Systems: Of course, an alarm system is excellent method to deter the criminal from picking your home to begin with. Not only will it potentially alert neighbors, but - at minimum - it will decrease the time he spends inside your home because he is not sure if the Police were called or not.


Monitored Video Systems: Security Cameras are excellent deterrents. Even a single inexpensive camera can deter a potential burglar. Burglars don't want to be seen. Use this. Cameras can be positioned strategically around the home to increase home security, but be sure to at least post (1) in plain sight and preferably near the front door as many times they will "scout" by knocking on the front door to see if you are home.



Exterior Doors: If you have an attached garage door, you need to be very careful as these are favorite entry points for criminals. A good rule is to fortify EVERY exterior people door. This includes detached garages and side doors. Each door should be reinforced as it as you would the front or back door for the home.



Doorframe Security and Doorframe Reinforcement: The most important door security task is replacing your small strike plate with a larger strike plate for the door frame / door jamb. Doorframe security is is critical because the doorframe is the point at which the burglars are most likely to enter the home. If your door jamb is not reinforced, the burglar can kick-in the door very easily.



Reinforcement Hardware: When adding a door reinforcement solution, be sure that it the screws are long enough to secure it to the framing of the home itself. The screws should be at least #12 heavy duty screws, else they can bend or snap with the shear force encountered with a kick.



Door Reinforcement: Surprisingly, the door itself is also a very weak point. When you reinforce your doorframe with a kick-proof strike plate - most likely - the door will still break with a number of strong kicks. Thus, you must reinforce the door by adding a ždoor edge guardÓ or some method of reinforcement for the area of the door hollowed out by the door hardware.



Condition of the Door: The Door is an important component. While there is some debate on which holds up better to kick-in attacks and provides more door security- solid core wooden exterior doors or metal skinned exterior doors, the main points are to (a) be sure to add a door edge guard to reinforce the door around the hardware and (b) maintain the door. A poorly maintained or older wooden exterior door will provide no defense against a strong kick even if the door frame and door jamb has been reinforced.

Locks & Deadbolts: A double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open from either/both side(s) as compared to single-cylinder lock which only requires the use of a a key on one of the sides. The benefit, therefore, can be said that double-cylinder locks provide a higher degree of security for your home, especially if windows are near that can be broken allowing the bad guy to reach through to unlock the door.
However it should be noted...due to the additional effort to exit a door with a double cylinder lock, some Fire Codes prohibit them. Be sure to check your local fire code prior to installing double cylinder locks as this may be a violation.



Dont Do This!: Never leave keys under doormats, in potted plants, under exterior window sills or exterior doorways. Regardless of the hiding place, they are bound to be found especially if the burglar is staking out your neighborhood.
You negate all home door security measures by giving him the keys.


Storm Doors: One simply and functional addition is that of a storm door that locks. This adds an additional layer of door security and makes it much more difficult for thieves to kick in the door since they now have to defeat (2) exterior doors.



Wrought Iron Doors: If you don't mind the esthetics (and cost!), adding wrought iron decorative doors are also an option. This type of door security is expensive, but VERY effective in door security defense for your home.



Patio Doors For sliding glass or patio door security, you can simply place a broom stick or metal rod of some sore behind a sliding door in the track. The rod will force the burglar to break the large glass window÷which will be more expensive for you if he decides to go that route, but most donŪt want the attention that noise would bring. So, simply making your target hardened will help.


Check For Burglaries In Your Area | Dallas - Fort Worth

Burglaries impact EVERY neighborhood. Waiting until your home has been burglarized to reinforce your doorframe will - at minimum - be a costly mistake. At worst, it could find you or your family in a very dangerous situation. Reinforce your doors today!


ALARM SYSTEM | Home Security | Indianapolis - Marion County - Camby

Video and Qaulity Alarm Systems can be very effective deterrents to burglars as theses security layers raise the chances the bad guys will be caught or - at minimum - reduce the time he has to do bad things. Simply one of the best companies in the Greater Indianapolis Area is On Guard Security Solutions. Call them at 317-348-2580.

Door Reinforcement
Door Reinforcement

DEADBOLT | Door Security | Indianapolis - Marion County - Camby

Grade 1 deadbolt lock is best for home security.  If your primary concern when selecting door locks is with home security, as it should be, the best deadbolt door lock for residential use is one that carries an ANSI Grade 1 rating. For its price, looks and quality....the KwikSet 980-985 Series is a good buy.


REINFORCEMENT | Door Frame Reinforcement | Indianapolis

Regardless of the Deadbolt, Alarm or Video system, if the door frame is not reinforced, burglars will kick the door and be gone before Police can respond. It is also critical to reinforce your door frame as well as the door itself (around the area hollowed out for the door hardware. There are a number of products available of varying sizes, quality and styles. One of simplest to install - as well as the most affordable - is the Door Devil. The Door Devil forties not only the door frame, but the door and hinge-side too.


VIDEO | Video Systems | Greater Indianapolis - Marion County

Adding a video system is a excellent layer of additional home security. Wireless systems are very popular because of the lower installation costs (there is no need to run expensive video extension cables) and flexible mounting options. Most wireless video cameras can be installed in areas that will not accommodate a wired camera. In addition to the ease of use and convenience of access, wireless systems allows users to leverage broadband wireless internet to provide seamless video streaming over-internet.

Door Reinforcement

WINDOWS | Anti-Shatter Windows | Greater Indianapolis - Marion County

A home security measure that is growing in popularity because the cost has come down in recent years is adding a anti-shatter window film to residential windows. This helps reduce one more method that burglars use to enter your home. This is especially useful for sliding glass doors which are typically in the back and out of the sight of neigbors. One of the best products on the market is the 3M Window Film. Visit: Solar Concepts.

Door Reinforcement

CRIME PREVENTION | Marion County | Committed to Resident Safety

Channel 6 WRTV interviewed Crime Prevention Experts from the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutor Terry Curry and Deputy Prosecutor Daphne Whitmire, share crime prevention tips with Indianapolis residents. Residents educated on the methods to increase the layers of security in their neigborhood is the #1 weapon to combat burglaries. See Video....

Door Reinforcement

LOCKSMITH | Serving Greater Indianapolis - Marion County

Choosing a trusted and reputable Locksmith a big step. These individuals will be in your home, have the ability to access your doors and provide advice on home security. Thus, it is critical to ensure the Locksmith you choose licenses and insures their employees. In addition, check out Angies List to validate good standing in the community. A quality Locksmith will ensure you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your doorframe to allow you to choose what is best for your family. Altic Lock Service in Marion County is one of the best in the business. Give them a call at 317.490.1469.

Door Reinforcement

HANDYMAN | Best In the Business | Greater Indianapolis - Marion County

Much like a Locksmith, choosing a trusted and reputable Handyman is a big step.
These individuals will be in your home and have insight into your home's strengths and weaknesses from a security perspective. Thus, it is critical to ensure the Handyman is trustworthy and skilled. It is highly recommended to visit Angies List to validate good standing in the community. Choosing a national chain may be a bit more expensive, but they provide invaluable peace of mind of ACCOUNTABIILTY. You have options if something goes wrong. Mr. Handyman is the premier Handyman company. They are very familiar with door security hardware installation. Give them a call at 317.456.7019.

Door Reinforcement
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Choosing A Locksmith...

When choosing a Locksmith, you should be interested in (5) key factors:

- Bonded & Insured
- Skill
- Continuing Professional Education
- Price
- Prompt Arrival

You can make this search easier by ensuring your Locksmith is a member of the Society of Professional Locksmiths. This provides an assurance that the Locksmith will hit each item on your checklist. Angie's List is helpful, but it can't provide all the information you need in making your choice. SOPL Locksmiths must be bonded and insured to become a member. In addition, these Locksmiths are provided Continuing Professional Education from the highly respected Security Technical Institute (for the Locksmith profession).

Ask your Locksmith if he/she is a member of the SOPL!



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